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« The opaque is not the obscure, though it is possible for it to be so and accepted as such. It is that which cannot be reduced, which is the most perennial garantee of participation and confluence. This same opacity is also the force that drives every community : the thing that would bring us together forever and make us permanently distinctive. Opacities can coexist and converge, weaving fabrics. We clamor for the right to opacity for everyone. »

Édouard Glissant / Poetics of Relation

Corpo Opaco is imagined as a shared space of conversation for exploring contemporary photographic practices. It wishes to become a stage for collaborating, discovering, thinking, feeling, experimenting, questioning, connecting through images. The association will present both in the digital and physical world : publishing interviews and portfolios online, organising meetings and events in Montpellier (and anywhere photography will take us!). Corpo Opaco is born from the encounter between Rachele Ceccarelli and Emanuela Cherchi, who at same point realised how much they enjoyed their discussions about photography.

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Rachele Ceccarelli


After completing her undergraduate degree in art history at the University of Bologna, Rachele Ceccarelli moved to Scotland to continue her studies in aesthetics and visual culture with a focus on photography theory. She obtained her PhD, Implicated: Thinking Photography between Exposure and Contact from the Centre for Modern Thought at University of Aberdeen. Since moving to France in 2013, she is a member of the team organising the festival Les Boutographies. 

Emanuela Cherchi


Emanuela Cherchi graduated in Photography at Istituto Italiano di Fotografia in Milan and in History of Contemporary Art at the University of  Montpellier. In 2014 she moved to France where she collaborated with Les Boutographies, ImageSingulières and CACP Villa Pérochon. She currently lives between Sardinia and France where she works with Résidence 1+2.


Elena Dolcini


Elena Dolcini owns and runs Marmo, a contemporary art bookshop, which she opened in 2018 in Forlì, Italy. After years of studying and working abroad, in Australia and Great Britain, in particular within the art gallery environment, she finally decided to work with books, her lifetime passion. Marmo aims to showcase some of the best publications in the contemporary art, photography and illustration fields, also offering a good selection of essays too.

Founder of Marmo contemporary art bookshop

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